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WSM Forums is a private site created to allow WSM users from around the world, to meet in an on-line forum and share their experiences.  We  hope that this might foster a "self-help" community interested in promoting the use and development of WSM software. This is not a Sennheiser technical support site and there should be no expectations of technical support from Sennheiser staff or WSM developers. However, there are many resources available on this site for WSM users:

WSM has complete RF properties of all modern RF devices. However, older legacy devices and third-party equipment are supported by the Add Custom Device dialog in WSM 4. The WSM Forums repository has a wide range of device files that include:

  • Shure
  • Telex
  • Lectrosonics
  • Sony
  • ...and more.
These device presets are stored as XML files, which are easily transportable, editable and "human readable" with a simple text editor. The Device repository allows WSM users to share pre-configured custom device presets.

The Regional Grid Bar (RGB) is WSM's new user-configurable spectrum grid that allows users to determine channel spacing, spectrum usage and spectrum usability or priorities for a frequency coordination.  The WSM installer installs common country profiles and as additional countries are added they will be included in the installation package with each new release. As they become available, new country RGB's will be uploaded here.

In addition, special localized versions of country RGB's can be created for specific locations; for example, a city or event location, like a stadium. For example, this site contains RGB's for 30 major Canadian cities including:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver

Imagine being able to share spectrum scans from around the world?

WSM Forums hosts a repository for spectrum scans, that we hope our users will use to share their scans as they travel.

WSM Forums has an "article" system with written and video tutorials, including:

  • Device Carrier Spacings
  • WSM Reporting System
  • Creating Custom Devices
  • Tour Planning
  • Complete Video Tutorials

WSM Forums provide in-depth information on Wireless Systems Manager software.

Most of all, WSM Forums is about a community of world-wide users sharing their experiences on using WSM software. Users from nearly every field: television, stadium concerts, corporate A/V, broadcast sporting events, reality TV, DJ's, location sound and more

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