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Canada - Toronto - Downtown 10/19/2015
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This is the WSM RGB File repository.  Please only upload RGB files compatible with version 4 or higher.  For scan files, device files and WSM Project files, there are separate repositories found in the Resources menu.

RGB files are usually stored in the Localization folder located in the project folder.  You can upload the actual XML file directly, but it is recommended to first zip the file(s) - as the compressed container will be smaller and provides some additional CRC protection for internet downloads.

Some Basic Upload Guidelines:

Title:  Please make sure you provide a clear title name for your upload.  Our minimum recommendation is that the upload title should be in the format of:
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Description:  Describe the nature of the package as well as any interesting properties.  

If you download a file and you can really use it, then please say thank-you to the person who posted it. If you make some modifications for other purposes that might be useful to others - hope you can find the time to share it with the "team"...
Happy posting!

Mon 10/19/2015 @ 01:17 - Uploaded by Rob Poretti
A Toronto RGB with all but weak DTV defined as of August 21,2015 from the Air Canada Centre- 2 blocks from the CN Tower.  
Wed 05/14/2014 @ 08:39 - Uploaded by Rob Poretti
Japan RGB:  defining 6MHz ISDB-T spectrum space from Ch. 13 (470MHz) to Ch. 62 (ending at 770MHz)
Thu 04/10/2014 @ 02:47 - Uploaded by Rob Poretti
New Zealand RGB for post 2013 DTV transition, including Wireless Audio area and DTV stations from UHF 25 to 47.