WSM File Repository

This is the WSM File Repository page.  It's purpose is to provide a centralized, on-line storage of useful configuration files for WSM users:  Device preset files, Regional Grid Bar (RGB) files, Project files and Spectrum Scans.

More detailed information about each file type and corresponding repository is available on the tabs here. The repositories are available through the Resource page sub menus or links in each section.

WSM has complete RF properties of all modern RF devices.  However, older legacy devices and third-party equipment are supported by the Add Custom Device dialog in WSM 4. Similar to SIFM, this dialog allows the creation of device presets to be stored and recalled as required for your coordination projects.

These device presets are stored as XML files, which are easily transportable, editable and "human readable" with a simple text editor.  The Device repository allows WSM users to share pre-configured custom device presets. To review the Device File repository use the sub-menu under Resources or click here.

The Regional Grid Bar (RGB) is WSM's new user-configurable spectrum grid that allows users to determine channel spacing, spectrum usage and spectrum usability or priorities for a coordination.  The WSM installer currently installs a few common country profiles and as additional countries are added they will be included in the installation package with each new release.  Until that new-release date, they will be uploaded here.  

In addition, special localized versions of country RGB's can be created for specific locations; for example, a city or event location, like a stadium. To review the RGB File repository use the sub-menu under Resources or click here.

Currently WSM can only import older WSM scans, but we plan to support the more commonly found spectrum scanners/analyzers.  Since a spectrum scan provides the most interesting information about an RF environment, we have elected to create a repository for these scans.  

We will also allow pdfs of scan data as these might be useful for users too.  To review the spectrum scan repository use the sub-menu under Resources or click here.

Project files can include actual WSM configuration files (as sample projects, for example) or Report XSL files and resources.  When a report is exported, WSM copies the report resource files (XSL, CSS and images) to the project location. These can be edited - for example to create a company branded report for your organization.  

To review the Project File repository use the sub-menu under Resources or click here.